You’re being a Poot Butt

In a world with no shortage of  aspiring musicians, handling business is the element that many people blindly mistake for the proverbial “secret weapon”. Artists will go through an entire career and fail to properly handle their business. Only to realize that they have waiste
d a considerable amount of time not doing their craft the justice it deserves.

This will also shed a bit of light on the instant influx of  assanine music which has now flooded the music scene. Musicians with less talent grind harder

 I make these points to say. Your musical journey stops where you stop. To have a library of songs recorded on tagged beats equals zero royalty distribution. Failure to log your music with a PRO is no different. Artists are allowing good products to go to waste because they lack know how and either doesn’t care to learn or doesn’t want to pay those who do know. Quit being a bum and go get that paper poot butt!!!!

Coming Soon! Choosing A Performance Rights Organization!

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