The Untalkables Radio Network


Founded by Damon Nite aka “Nitekwralah” the Lyrical Menace and EJ Davis aka “Blak Plague” Untalkables Radio Network is the new Official home of  The Untalkables Show, Texas to Philly Radio, and countless other entertainment providers. Via the Live365 servers, we are putting our hearts and souls into providing the best broadcast radio experience humanly possible.  Our station is a 24/7 venue with Live broadcasts scheduled 6 nights a week. The aim of our company is to first educate then introduce and entertain. Our goal is to expose our listenership to fresh new music concepts ideas businesses etc. In hopes that we could inspire someone somewhere to be better. We currently operate in Texas,Florida,Louisiana,Ohio and Michigan. We all provide insights and concepts to the masses that we feel will contribute to the betterment of our people. We ask for your support on our journey as we can not and will not make it alone. Please listen share participate. We need you!!!! We will primarily spin hot new indie music as we support the startup musician 1000% Thus, since this is where we all started our entertainment careers we saw it only fit to be the support we once sought after. Indie Musicians we will get you heard. All we ask is your support and hardwork. Catch me on the airwaves with my crew 8pm cst Monday Wednesday and Friday.

Untalkables Radio Network

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