Can We Achieve?

promised land

The day of living in fear of the KKK and the Neo Nazis is over in America. I can not speak for other countries , but in this one those days are gone. Does that mean these groups do not exist? No. Does that mean these groups no longer have the means to cause harm No. These people are however far and few between and certainly now see their biggest opposition to be their own government. To ask these people to relinquish their hatred of non white heterosexuals, is likened to asking a pitbull to let go of your leg. Truth be told those whom are hellbent on physically harming non white heterosexuals, are seldom the people who matter within those movements. Those people are our high  ranking public officials. Most of them have lost that barbarianism in the physical sense to the extent that they are now only politically comfortable with our dismay. The lynchings of latter years has been transformed into an economical murder. The laws and regulations of this country have stagnated the urban centers of our communities all over the country. There are the exceptions i.e. Atlanta where we have a say in the governing of our community. but as a whole, we have been disenfranchised. Businesses have leaned to outsiders to do business with almost traditionally. Dead smack in the middle of our communities. Not flincing at the fact that they are draining the already limited resources available to those communities. Zero potential for wealth building. The only franchises we seem to control in our neighborhoods are the churches. Most of the convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants are owned by people who not only do not resemble the natives of the area but also live no where near the said area. Some wouldn’t even run the poorly run businesses they run in our communities in their own communities. They would be subpar eye sores. Yet they are staples in our areas of dwelling. The welfare program though it has entrapped more white Americans than Black people, is just that, a trap. You are restricted from doing better. Forced to stay within a certain wage limit to keep your benefits, Forbidden from having the male presence in the home to balance the home life situation. All these things are the contributions invested into our failure by a racist imperialist system that was not created for our progession. The oppressor opresses flawlessly. They have effectively nulified a large portion of our communities with systemic measures which were created purposely to defeat a people. Knowing that their hold was not for a lifetime those in power decided to actively obliterate any hope of a better day for fears that our preparations would curtail their authority. They are correct. Our awakening is definitely the end of their reign of terror. The oppressor is rapidly losing his stronghold. Our task is not to fight against the Oppressors tyranny. Our task is to fight our own tyranny. Put an end to Black men killing Black men. Put an end to Black mothers being single parents. Put an end to Black Parents not properly equipping their children to lead.

Reverse the statistical incarceration of our Black Men. Close the education gaps that exist. Make being intelligent cool. Ween the young men off of the drugs. The pills and syrups and cocaine and heroine these things were never our heritage nor should it be now. Young fathers should get the mentoring they will need to be providers and protectors of their families. Young mothers should get the same. Far too frequently teenage parents/young adult parents are not ready to be parents. It’s time for us to educate each other in that respect. Bring back the village. We are all responsible for securing our future. The work to be done can not be shifted to someone elses hands. We simply can not afford to not be hands on and intensive in our awakening. Most importantly its going to take all of us. From the Gangsters to the Pastors we all are going to have to work together. Our failure to turn ourselves around would be a greater injustice than the 400 years of slavery we are near to ending. At which point we can only blame ourselves for our calamity. No one but us can give us what we lack. Just my humble opinions.

EJ the Anr


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