Fidel Bozzo

Fidel Bozzo

Fidel Bozzo charismatic indie hip hop star is from the streets of Rochester, New York. Before  Bozzo became a M.C. he was a basketball phenom. He played basketball at Cayuga Community College as well as North Iowa College. Fidel Bozzo hobbies include reading, writing, hiking, basketball, baseball, football, and hockey. Fidel  not only enjoys hip hop but he loves and embraces all genres of music with a message.  In addition to being an indie hip hop star you can also add model and actor to his list of talents. Fidel‘s mixtape entitled Bozzy Conway is on all digital distribution sites. Be sure to follow Fidel Bozzo on Facebook and Instagram to stay current with his movement. He has abc clothing coming soon for men, women, and children. He also has the Nashville 9 mixtape coming soon so stay tuned.

Check out Bout Dat Action by Fidel Bozzo on YouTube click the link below.
Facebook Nick Boswell
Instagram Bozzy_Conway

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